PowerPoint Maps

Download Editable Maps of the World, Continents, Countries, Regions, Counties and Cities


So what's the point?

Staring at a blank screen might inspire professional designers, but the rest of us feel frightened. If you are wondering where to start and how to project your vision onto the screen, you are not alone. We suggest using pre-designed PowerPoint templates to create your maps.

PowerPoint is already installed on your computer if you use Microsoft Office, and you'll enjoy using it because it's easy as pie. At the same time, the options are limitless.

  • • Use the software you already have
  • • Suitable for everyone: use pre-designed templates and edit as needed
  • • The .PPT format is universally accepted and can be opened, edited and projected using almost any computer
  • • Everything is editable, from country shapes and outlines all the way to individual colors and backgrounds
  • • Maps can be scaled without quality loss!
  • • Create full-fledged presentations and even graphics for websites and printed brochures or books

#2 Editing PowerPoint maps is a piece of cake.

#3 The best PowerPoint maps available anywhere. Period.